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Per incominciare, gli Antipasti...  
Stufato di Pesce di Scarborough con Crostone £10.95
Fresh local fish stew served with large home-made crostone  
Carpaccio di fesa di Bresaola £12.50
Finely sliced cured beef marinated in lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil with shavings of Parmesan cheese  
Affettato di Salumi Piemontesi £10.75
Selection of cold Italian meats  
Stufato di Ceci con stracotto di coda di Manzo £9.50
'Old style' chick pea stew with ox-tail  
Pera Cotta al Vino Rosso con salsa al Gorgonzola e mascarpone £8.95
Pears baked in red wine with a sauce of two classic Italian cheeses  
Prosciutto Crudo di San Daniele £9.50
Parma Ham  
Prosciutto Crudo di San Daniele e Melone £10.25
Parma Ham and Melon  
Minestra di Vedure £8.95
Traditional Italian home-made soup  
Polenta al Uovo Rosso con Pepperoni Arrostiti in Bagna Cauda £9.25
Polenta with roasted peppers in bagna cauda  
All the pasta is hand-made    
  Starter Main
Spaghetti al Ragaout al Stracotto di Manzo £7.95 £15.95
With a rich meat sauce    
Tajarin al Pomodoro e Basilico Fresco £7.50 £15.00
With a tomato and fresh basil sauce
Tagliolini al Vitello e Pecorino £8.95 £16.95
Fine egg pasta with a sauce of veal and pecorino cheese    
Penne alla Montanara £8.50 £16.95
Served with a sauce of porcini mushrooms, tomatoes and a creamy white wine sauce    
Ravioli al Cervo £9.95 £18.95
Ravioli filled with venison, parmesan cheese, eggs and spinach with a roasted venison sauce
Agnolotti Monferrini £9.50 £18.00
Ravioli filled with beef, pork, parmesan cheese and spinach with a roasted beef sauce
Riso Ceci e Noci - £16.95
Carnaroli Superfino rice cooked with Chick Peas and Walnuts    
Risotto con Funghi Porcini - £17.95
Carnaroli Superfino rice cooked with Porcini mushrooms    
Risotto con Prosecco e Fragole - £16.95
Carnaroli Superfino rice cooked with Prosecco wine and Strawberries    

We have a wide selection of local fish, caught daily and personally selected from the Harbour in Scarborough every morning.

Starters from £10.50
Main Courses from £19.50
Lobsters (when available) from £32.00
Scallopine Vino Bianco / Limone £16.95
Veal cooked in butter and white wine or freshly squeezed lemon juice  
Scallopine alla Crema £17.50
Veal cooked with marsala, mushrooms and cream  
Pollo Piemontese £15.75
Boneless Chicken breast served in a sauce of rosemary and garlic  
Petto di Pollo Grigliato al Cognac £15.25
Boneless Chicken breast cooked in onions, mushrooms, cream and brandy  
Pollo con Gorgonzola e Prosciutto Crudo £16.50
Boneless Chicken breast cooked with Gorgonzola Cheese and Parma Ham  

The Truffle is an underground mushroom and is dug out of the ground by specially trained dogs.The distinct flavour of the White Truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico) lends itself to the fact that it is grown underground at the root of certain trees. Northern Italy is the main area in which the Tartufi Bianchi are found. They are one of the most expensive spices in the world. For this reason, only shavings are needed to be used in cooking.

Truffles, like other fresh foods are seasonal and are only available between October and December-January.

Carpaccio di Filetto di Carne Cruda from £33.00
Finely sliced raw fillet steak, marinated in lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil and served with shavings of fresh white truffles  
Tajarin del Monferrato from £30.00
Strips of hand-made pasta cooked with a cream and mushroom sauce and fresh white truffles  
Agnolotti al Burro e Tartufi from £31.00
Hand-made pasta filled with meat served with butter and white truffles  
Main Courses  
Vitello al Burro e Tartufi from £45.00
Escalopes of veal cooked in butter and white truffles  
Risotto alla Fontina e Tartufi from £41.00
Risotto made with Carnaroli Superfino Rice, mild Fontina Cheese and white truffles  
We only serve beef sourced locally from farms nearby, traditionally fed and reared on home-grown feed. The traditional breed of Aberdeen Angus crossed with Limousin is used to provide consistent quality.
Costato di Manzo 'La Bella Rosin' £22.95
Sirloin Steak cooked in a sauce of fresh rosemary, cream and Parma Ham with shavings of Parmesan Cheese  
Filetto del Partigiano from £23.95

Fillet steak with a sauce of Taleggio cheese, cream and Grappa. Served with fresh Black Truffles on request. (Truffles when available)

Bocconcini di Filetto di Carne £22.50
Strips of fillet steak cooked in onions, mushrooms and cream  
Filetto al Pepe £23.95
Fillet steak with the classic Au Poivre sauce  
Filetto alla Piemontese £22.95
Medallions of fillet steak pan-fried with butter and garlic. Served rare.  
Spezzatini al Pomodoro con Polenta ai Porcini e Tartufi £22.50
Strips of fillet steak cooked in a tomato and wild mushroom sauce, served with grilled polenta  
Panna Cotta delle Langhe £7.50
Typical Northern Italian rum flavoured sweet. A cold dessert literally translated 'cooked cream'.  
Zabaglione classico con Krumiri di Casale £11.50
Made to order 'A la Lampada' by Giorgio  
Sorbetti e Gelati fatti a mano £7.50
Home-made sorbets and ice-creams  
Budino Caramellato £7.50
Italian style 'Crème Caramel'  
Meringata £7.50
Hand-made meringue with ice-cream and whipped cream  
Pera Cotta con Gelato e sciroppo al vino Barbera £7.50
Baked pears with ice-cream with a Barbera wine syrup  
Bounet al Cioccolato £8.50
Dark chocolate, cream and crushed amaretti biscuit dessert  
Formaggi Italiani from £9.00
Selection of Italian cheeses  
All the specials contain seasonal ingredients and are subject to availability. As explained in the main menu the White Truffle Dishes are all available in season - between October - December/January.
Hand-made Egg Pasta  
Spaghetti served with Velvet Crab  
Ravioli filled with Black Pudding in a sauce of butter and fresh Sage  
Saffron Ravioli filled with Fresh Pumpkin  
Spaghetti with cream and fresh locally collected Winkles  
Risotto with Fresh local Sea Trout - as featured and cooked on BBC Radio 4's 'Women's Hour'  
Fresh Local Fish  
Local Shark  
Brill Halibut  
Wild Sea Bass  
Sea Trout  
Red Mullet  
Meat Dishes  
Osso Buco - Shin of Veal with a Porcini Mushroom, orange juice and tomato sauce  
Strips of Fillet steak with a sauce of Gorgonzola Cheese and roasted peppers  
Ox Cheeks marinated in Red wine decorated with light handmade turnip 'crisps'  
Torta di Gorgonzola e Mascarpone - Ice-cream cake made with layers of Gorgonzola Cheese, Mascarpone Cheese and walnuts, served with a light drizzling of honey and walnuts  
Pecorino Caldo - Sheep's milk cheese served warm with honey and chilli